New information 2020-06-01

More and more countries are starting to open up after the shutdown due to the Corona virus. We are, even though the serious situation, pleased to announce that most of our suppliers have been able to produce at almost normal rates. Our transporters have quickly adapted to the prevailing circumstances and succeeded in getting the transports on time. We can see a certain delay in the information flow when several workers work from home. All in all, no customer has suffered any significant disruption.Together with our suppliers, we are keeping us updated on developments in the different countries.

We look forward to the summer with confidence and hope that the positive trend with fewer Covid-19 cases will continue.

New information 2020-03-25

The Indian government has decided to shut down all harbours, airports and logistics companies with immediate effect. This means, for instance Heubach is unable to ship organic pigments from their Indian plant. Affected customers are informed.

New information 2020-03-23

Our Italian partner Sitra S.p.A informs that their production is considered essential and as such, not affected by any restrictions. Production continues as normal.

General information concerning the Corona/Covid-19 situation

(Updated 2020-03-25)

The spread of the Corona virus is global and affects all supply chains. Supply of raw materials can be limited due to short-term closures of chemical production facilities, harbours and also country borders.
This could increase lead time and that is why we recommend all our customers to plan their needs in advance in order to reduce problems or delays with deliveries.
Together with our suppliers, we closely follow the development in order to respond quickly to changes.

We will do our outmost to reduce possible delays.

We thank you for your trust and we look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

Welcome to Termidor

Termidor is a distributor and agent of performance chemicals to the chemical and thereto related industries. The company was founded 1990 and the office is in Stockholm. Our markets are the European Nordic Countries.

You find our customers mainly in the following areas:

• Coating & Printing Ink
• Construction & Asphalt
• Plastic & Rubber
• Adhesives & Sealants
• Food & Pharmaceutical

We have stock of products in several different locations, from where we supply to all the Nordic countries.