Termidor is a distributor and agent of performance chemicals to the chemical and thereto related industries. The company was founded 1990 and the office is in Stockholm. Our markets are the European Nordic Countries.

You find our customers mainly in the following areas:

• Coating & Printing Ink
• Construction & Asphalt
• Plastic & Rubber
• Adhesives & Sealants
• Food & Pharmaceutical

We have stock of products in several different locations, from where we supply to all the Nordic countries.

Termidor is the mother company of On-Way i Sverige AB. For more information see following link:

Environmental policy

This policy is the basis for the environmental performance of Termidor.
It shall be a summary of our efforts and our ambition to continually improve ourselves within the environmental area.

Our goal is to:

• Protect the environment by always letting environmental awareness to be a high priority and a strategy for long-term sustainable development.
• Ensure that our customers are using raw materials with as little environmental impact as possible.
• Through education of personnel, increase the knowledge and commitment in environmental issues.
• Encourage people involved in our business for a continued development concerning environmental work
• Represent principals/producers that is
a) certified under ISO 14001 or EMAS or
b) working to become certified to ISO 14001 or EMAS or
c) organized and operates according to guidelines like ISO 14001 or EMAS

Termidor is affiliated to REPA



Through close cooperation with well-known chemical manufacturers and logistics companies we have built an efficient warehousing and distribution network in Scandinavia. Due to this flexibility we can offer a number of customized solutions.


Ulla Westlund (CEO)


Peter Börjesson (Sales)

Eva Nabseth (Sales)

Lena Kronqvist (Customer service)


Jenny Larsson (Customer service)

Louise Åström (Customer service)


Peter Weissenborn (Sales)

Nikola Sundac (Sales)