Termidor offers a wide range of rheological additives such as bentonite clays, polyurethane thickeners, cellulose derivatives (HPMC/HEC), cellulose fibers, organic thixotropic agents.

Dispersing/wetting agents and foam control agents are also important products in our assortment.

Application fields are numerous, but the biggest fields are paints, inks, fillers, sealants, adhesives, construction chemicals.

For pharmaceuticals we have hypromellose (HPMC) to offer.


Dispersions mainly for waterborne paints and building products are offered, which includes e.g. styrene acrylates, 100% acrylates, polyurethanes, hybrids and alkyd emulsions.

For a large number of special applications (adhesives, plastics, inks etc.), modified natural resins based on “gum rosin” can be provided.


Termidor also offers soluble metal complexes for use in wood stains, inks, wood mass-dyeing, marking etc. We have products for water and solvent borne products as well as universal.

Functional fillers

In our range, we have the following mineral fillers:

solid glass beads
calcium carbonate from marble deposits
calcium carbonate in PE, PP, PS masterbatch
mica (coarse) for decorative use
talc/dolomite combinations
celloluse fibers
wood flour

These products are used for plastics, rubber, paint, food, adhesive, plasters etc.

Pigments & Preparations

A wide range of colored pigments in both powder form and as a pastes/preparations can be provided. They are used in a wide range of applications: paint & coatings, printing ink, plastic & rubber, asphalt etc.

Transparent iron oxide pastes, both in solvent (naphtha) and water are also available. These are typically used for wood stains and oils.

Aluminium pastes and powder, for particularly industrial coatings, can also be found in our product portfolio.

For pharmaceutical and food applications we offer titanium dioxide, produced in accordance with GMP and with necessary certificates. Calcium carbonate and talc can also be offered to these applications.

For use in anti-corrosive paints, we have a wide range of both zinc phosphate-based and zinc-free pigments, together with micaceous iron oxide.

Termidor also offers zinc dust, for use in protective coatings and zinc oxide mainly used in rubber, plastics, coatings, various chemical industries and pharmaceuticals.

Pigments as masterbatch in PE, PP, PS and universal carriers – white, black and colors can be offered.